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Wake up bustin function
Time Loss
Running from the future
Time Cop
Make um pleasant flexing
Time Loss
Placing your whole M.O.
Pine Box

Wake up 811 Am
I take the muni
But they whip it like a Benz
Public transhumanist agenda 21 tho
I skip the uber
So I’m looking like Keane
Universe rotations
Making Motions
Breaking force fields
They in they head dreaming
So they can’t forces feels
Time cop want you to adhere to the superceder
Support groups that report to
The stuper seater
One gun gonna tear him off like
A terror cob web
The other gonna
Wear him thin
Like they’re in congress
So when the meetings speed up
You gonna want the band width
At any length you gonna take
To make the plan fit
They work together in it
And when they in private
Their uni formal
Is a secret
When the meat supplies hit
When the time hits
They gonna cop and both divide it
And you pay them both
So it's not like you get behind it
What you get is what you wanted
But it also what was taken
And now you've been had by both of them
So you the one they divide with
You divide your self
And then you time the difference
What was taken from you
From the one you in division with
He thinks he has you
But you had each other first you know
And this is the time you both
Take each other personal
It's paranoia
The pair of you have been in division
All by the time cop
With the willing participants
I gotta hand it to you
When the tremors pull you in a swivel more
You turn the inner division into a civil war
Not in the way you think with blood and gore
That’s all been done before
Cop don't want blood shed in the way
Of DNA renditions
Like you was Stevie and they was the Nicks
Thunder happens with lightning bolt speeds
The one that passes is the side that's on Steve
Cause Steve has the supercede
But that seed has been crossed by
The Time Cop’s forced feed
With aims to control
If any nicks gonna wanna make that encore
It's Steve’s job
To make the meeting start blessed
The time cop
He like Steve Jobs
He is hard pressed
In the mind biz
Now division of your hearts next

Wake up bustin function
Time Loss
Running from the future
Time Cop
Make um pleasant flexing
Time Loss
Placing your whole M.O.
Pine Box

Predestined clandestined inflections
inject-in to the thighs can cause infections
Humira rap
No question where corp pharmas at
In twenty seventy-seven
It’s larger and more connected than cyberdyne
No foil cap
Mechanized gargoyles ll swoop in
And peel your caps
That's just the drones
Not here searching for a clone
But a younger half
Show up with nothing
Take a quantum leap past that
And catch your bearings
You'd never know the past
Or the right path to start-at
Deceptive red herrings
Saw nickelodeon I’m stubborn
Can’t even listen to my smarter self
See the math like equations
Or phantomly planted ideations
Shit is overwhelming but some water helps
Go ahead now quench yourself
Quench yourself
Space is rapidly ramping
Saw myself crumpling up but I had no direction
Things started appearing
Saw changes in succession
Phantom pains showed up
Fumbling cub with curious recollections
Be hard pressed to find more genuine reflection
How deep it makes a thought stretch
Memories altered like beasts
No sega please
She kissed french
Something changed about her
I caught a scent that became a sense
An older self in a time enforcement commission
Causing ripples with intent to alter the future
Like the shit was tenet
No life to lose if you’re your own younger sibling
Gave myself clues to satiate detective ambitions
Fucking corpos
Got my chick cheating on me with me
Shits flipped
Got to put the gun to my head release
Just to find peace
Lord knows how they triggered it
But they started with an atom
False imagery that inherently weakens us
Trees of life you know buddha christ
Went to uni but that gravity don’t apply here
It's not a movie
Nor is knowledge universal
Inside a black hole
Existence is just a rehearsal


from Flow & Behold: Reveries of a Prophetic Emcee, released January 8, 2022


all rights reserved



Taste Nate San Francisco, California

Taste Nate is a San Francisco-based rapper known for his abstract lyrics and unconventional, soulful flow that explores Hip Hop with a mystic's vision. He has released 20 solo projects through his record label Yellow Cake Radio. In 2020 Nate Started his production and publishing company Khapri Star. ... more

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