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The Path Without

by Taste Nate

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This is to you, That never told me I was making the wrong moves, the road of a starving musician With plate full, Hit the gas when the vapor of emotions they might fume, But you were always on my side, With devotion you by stood, This for you, You respected the vision quite loudly, Spoke with my current position quite proudly, Never got in between me and my first love, So it's funny how the passing of time it creeps up, I get chills every time I thinking I'm so stuck, I got bills but I treat um like they don't effect us. That's real cause I know that my day it will soon come, All do to the work and dedication, To the all the visits you busy but still payed me, Competition was vicious but not lately, I've been kissing ambition occasionally, But really wish to be hittin this young lady up, How does it feel, like (dedication) What I wanna build, the (dedication) I've been conceived, in (dedication) It's all for the real, (dedication) It's not for appeal. It's (dedication) The call or the thrill, my (dedication) Why I have skill, from (dedication) All for the real, (dedication) This to you, that kept saying baby don't give up, You've the skills and determination to raise up, You should know that you my healer And I feel you all around me, Even when I fell apart bitten by a zombie, You want it even more when it gets taken away, But I don't wanna drown in guilt and shame and dismay, Dedicated to the angels for they way they vibrate, They get my back in balance when I gyrate Irate, We all have summoned someone become chummy with the undone, Confronted with the fears abandoned in the dungeon, Standing in the corner feel the light on my shoulder blades, Freedom is within me my soul you can't incarcerate, Wisdom what I tolerate, Horse collar tackle fate, Lords daughter taken away, Your father always plays, Concerto so you know he there, Check it love is everywhere, Dedicated to all of you, Accept it and you won't be scared. (Jan, 2013)
After dark the whole park seems lifeless Concrete caves no street scroll scribe it Hella about it selling crack with no one to tell about it Parking lot empty So I'm sitting on my zealot couches Flipping through channels trying to find misogyny Or a zodiac killer with Compatible astrology All I see is Mickey Mouse All I hear is pitchy pouts It's getting overwhelming Walking down the path without Still unstable but nowhere to express it at Elyse nobody's worried about how big a dick they have let me walk past them Pacifism is aggressive Every Tunnel has no outlet We can't answer our own questions community lost hope every shadow has a doubt million dollar dreams Get screened on the path without I’m stepping out I don’t have my weapon out. Copy cat killers get revealed up on the path without, The path without, Perception doesn’t map it out The one stop affection that we have to learn to cancel out The path without, At the bars until they kicked us out, The Far out vision with no rhythm for you to seek it out, The Path without, Young guns graduate to capping gowns, All aimed awkward walking with the stack around, The path without, Searching for a meaning of the very thing we teaching All becomes defeating leading on the path without
Trying to walk away I keep getting pulled in by the ocean waves or an anchor wait I never been the cartoon to want to fit in with the pop-up books But theres a couple laws that say you have to blend in just a Bronco push. Cargo looks inflated rubber flotation devices air mattress Toss and turn flipping until the beach towel is a folding chair backwards The way You go when you take upon other peoples bear essentials When shitting in the woods smells good thats an Agarion adventure Fertilizer keep your eyes open like inner diamond carat fiber Shinin on these fuckers sanity liked hand sanitizer. Clear bubble. Ass implants before they put them into your rear trouble. No ones around So I guess I can stear away like a razor blade never feared stubble Washing down Ext out it have to be another arrow to cross me how Only way I turn one's around A farewell to a parallel Now we Flow in the same pattern not circus circle carousel. Advanced style and I wear it well I'm camped out in the air hotel Current flow pushin Square Adele's Higher than a Super Troopers Parasails. I don’t Rock the TerriBELLS Keep showing out content but really this should share itself I feel like there’s no ones around When I’m up and I’m out and really need you I get caught up in my thought process and I I stop watching What’s good and isn’t evil, I feel like there‘s no ones around cause they living with out the real belief to They keep talking an I’m just lost in Hip Hop I’m on mission to start to really lead you,
If you don’t use it then you lose it Ain’t that bout a trick, Cause my music don’t get pussy You can still hol my dick And ball barrings assembly line worker keeps Slowing down production, you keep talking bout your money And he was screaming out, Injustice! Yup you the definition of a hustler, A male prostitute soliciting all male customers, How does one save ones community? Save ones, ones from outward stupidity. Survivor Im the tiger if this life is pie, See the stars in the water and the water in the sky, Raining there’s another method of your wealth pullout, So vain even at the store you have to self-checkout, Ill do everything on the tabloids now, So If I get famous they can’t lie about me now Bori Kane Heavy How you like me now, Pick you off the ground that’s how I’d get a rep off ya, When yelling was the sound, That always kept yall up, Late nights when your parents, Didn’t protect young punks, From their own problems, Where acceptunces comes, Needing thicker walls and smaller doorways, Instead its thinner blood and wider growth space, Mix this BoriKane with fiber find your folks maine, We’ve been disconnected like the wire close range, Lengthy conversations about short-lived foreign kings, History doesn’t repeat its just been quarantined, Formality just a glimpse into restrictive Normalcy, Forgot how to spell who you are Before you could learn to read It I strip all my cream Then I drip all my gleam I’d rather rip off my skeen, Before I clip all my team, Mix the Borikane while I sow up my seems Now you can’t see where I stick all my steeeze,
Hammy downs but God still fits Keep crossing our arms in a standstill image Just can't sill windows Covered in the sins of our thoughts forgive us (god forgive us) I guess we grew up fast Baby Sat myself And little brother bunk beds Hey my uncle drunk dialing We would let you back in but the second keep smiling Turned to a mugger chin And you've gone to that place Where there's no recovering Mom's co worker asked my brother To break them off with rope Then Went n snitched on him like a fucking asshole Call that JV money Smoking Chris at 1 6 going 18 dummy Make sure you don't hold it in Its okay if its just Pain, weed and emotion winds Don't want to visit criminals I said I'd stay at Darrolls Go back to the house and party off the marrow the well-off want to hang with the kids with no dinero (why?) Because we style on em Grown ass man face child on him Long ass road extra miles on him This stone cold g files on dem Baby manhood He be damn good Hooked on Phonics buddies didn't ever talk stood Baby manhood He be damn good Small town balling buddy looking for the ambush Baby manhood he be damn good Rollin tight ones Of the owe me money cough kush Baby manhood he be damn good taking care of family Like every merry man should
They were on the caroll sell-out I was on steady come up, I wanted to be something someone, they wanted as us as nothing no ones, Sometimes they like its good to know ya, Forget about where It was I come from, I'm everyone that was never heard of, With everything for ever worded, I didn't know you'd misinterpret, Why I'd change to different versions, So I never end, I'm any where, I'm nothing perfect, without a due that's paid to me, I still can leave a legacy, Any being can carry on keep me alive, Gratefully, What I breathe the world will live off, On spinning wheels of a disc jock, Breaking on the waves of this rock Spray it on the walls of the gridlock Say my name make a solid hit off .... I am Hip Hop
I lift my Goddess up Regardless of the temper Feel the Flawless love Broke the composition of what the problem was Turn to the same place from which the problem came On the stage of the theater like Citizen Kane I'm getting them trained students been praying For more materials On the strain it just weighs You can pinpoint a race but you can't stab a spirit Do this for my people that have rows from the Harish Poll to poll on the terrace Of the moral landscape More than just a greeting an immortal handshake Once you get a hold of your internal fan base. There's No need to count how much bread a man makes. I do this for my people there is only one race We are all humans; we have a soul and a heart We have a mind and a body; we are all connected I feel it every day I don’t doubt I feel it every time I step out the house I can read you from across the map state to state I listen to you even when you speaking to yourself You are not alone We’re whirling around throughout the entirety of your field. You are not alone There was a part of that died Then it brought heaven home It was gift wrapped in the present You can have it now there is no waiting for payday Its all yours no man can ever take it away They try treacherous acts devious thoughts Predictable patterns heinous plots It’s never worked Flip the circuit breaker Turn the light back on you are not lost you just found your self


This Project was made possible from Kaef Black Throw away beats in the summer of 2012. I basically shot those instrumentals to a few heads across the map without knowing what they would return with. Additionally, I created a few beats along the way and selected some joints produced by Lord Lorenz that I left without a home. I finalized this project with songs that were created without a purpose for a couple producers on soundcloud. This is how I came up with "The Path Without". I chose the track list that reflected most of the collaborations I have been blessed with in the past couple years. The Journey of “The Path Without” focused on the many obstacles of our human experience, with our environments and relationships placed on the forefront. The subject matter is not always straight forward, but the messages and feel is well directed. This serves as the Polar Opposite of the digital release “inwords” (words from within) Summer 2013. When we are steered towards “The Path Without” we may lose touch with what is within ourselves. The outside influence plays apart of our lives even it is only created in our own imaginations. “The Path Without” is also a lead up to my next EP “The Caprican” produced exclusively by Lord Lorenz. We must walk on certain paths, building and destroying ourselves in order to be reborn as a stronger and more sharpened vessel of light.


released January 2, 2014

Mixed and Mastered with Yellow Cake Radio (Bay Area, HTOWN)


all rights reserved



Taste Nate San Francisco, California

Taste Nate is a San Francisco-based rapper known for his abstract lyrics and unconventional, soulful flow that explores Hip Hop with a mystic's vision. He has released 20 solo projects through his record label Yellow Cake Radio. In 2020 Nate Started his production and publishing company Khapri Star. ... more

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