The Man That Talks With Flowers

by Taste Nate

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Earth as a self-regulating organism has within it many forms of intelligence. The sentient world of trees, flowers, weeds and thorn bushes are all breathing and boiling over with life. In Taste Nate’s new album, “The Man That Talks With Flowers,” he builds a bridge across the chasm of our technological world, by connecting us on an intuitive level with the mystical ebb and flow of the Universe…

The album takes its title from a book published in 1939 called, “The Man Who Talks with the Flowers”, about Dr. George Washington Carver, the famous African- American botanist, educator and inventor. By a trick of destiny, Nate discovered a first edition of this biography on his bookshelf. The author, Glenn Clark, signed a copy to his great grandmother, Laura Ellen Winsor. Inspired by this, Taste Nate brought into the project his mainstay producer, Lord Lorenz from Houston, Texas. Lord Lorenz provides the magic carpet to accompany Taste Nate on this dissociative journey across a poetic soundscape of tone and color.


released October 15, 2017

Produced by Lord Lorenz
Recorded by Taste Nate @ Yellow Cake Radio
Mixed by Lord Lorenz
*Track 5 & 15 mixed by Tabari Lucas Productions
*Track 3, 13, &14 mixed by Taste Nate
Mastered by Hashbrown @ Knock Knock Studios


all rights reserved



Taste Nate San Francisco, California

Taste Nate is a rapper with an ear-grabbing, poetic style that draws on a wide range of musical influences and inspirations. A spiritually attuned man with a raw, urban sensibility, Taste Nate puts the highest value on truth telling. In his Art and in his Life, it’s clear he listens to the call of his spirit—something we must all do if we are to progress in this era of challenges. ... more

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Track Name: Wormhole
I been living with my moms in a worm hole
Delivered slices onto mars not disorno
Hit the pitch out of wade boggs inferno
3rd base catch a gas face from the curdle

My mudra turned a palm strike from my sand skrit
Get a pass on Telegraph like I'm rancid
Fly away on parquet like I'm dancing

Inside is mosaic so the
gawking moths
Be rubber necking
Out side ostentatious
Squawking goths be uninvested

If yall is woke then I must be comatose poet
I'm not heroic I’m the ergonomic stoic

Space love
Be coming from my waist
Space love
be drumming from the base
Space love
You can be my love
You can have your
Your space love
Space love
Space love
You can be my love
You can have your
Your space love
Space love

Space love
Can I kick it like a baby bump

Too dope to sniff it 1981
Are too busy to send me you drug

When I hit it
on another
Plane of existence

Show me how you like it
Now feed me that subsistence

I wanna reach into that fibonicci sequence
Part of you stays with me
orbits of my

Well wishes
Let down your guard den

See the beam that Floral design
Ill be glowing free till im prioritized
Track Name: Styrofoamer
Beldar waffle maker
Mass quantities of consume mates
Styrofoam coffee cup
Watch your grind off then it percolates
Fibonazi Pharaohs
Get it twisted in their Nazca lines
A motif of adversion
A declaration
Of their paradigm
Proto typos
Misspell to collect corrective identify
Go in slight whoa
Now you detect the threat that you
Felt Inside
It's self serving like car washes
But did you vacuum as well as buffer out?
Interior age with enlightenment
You think it's faded it just suffers less
From its own rumination
Deep thinker
Now you in the Mariana trench
So backwards in achievement
That you swam to Mt. Ever Rest
In a body of water
Laying on a spinning disc
Asking the outside for forgiveness
While the inner world you forget exists
Now you change the auraientation
But you color with
The cash balance
The upward facing class challenge
The fear of death
The corrective lens of collective judgement
The perpetual denial
That you the one that needs the loving

Sitting low in my cypher in a Styrofoam
Waiting for you to bite me tho
Sitting low in my scraper
Im not hyphy tho
Wait for you

You got the morals of the story
But no story of the morals

Three courses in miracles
On the third day of the week
that's miercoles

Communication is the misunderstanding
When they listen to the self talk
They get the Miss understanding

Take the glitz to the grammy
Beef up the exterior
But you get ripped in a cami

King Capri
Live in the wave pool
Cool Island off Naples

Italiano I’m Manfredo
Part Irish that’s why I scrape fools

Not really
I don't put these hands on nun

Im a product of the environment
That lies within
So if its love inside
Then I side with him

Lord Lorenz
Told me he only cut off fools that hate him first
But he welcomes them back
With open arms if you can melt
His verse
Let the candles burn
Aromatherapy and Tibetaanse mantras
The only way I sleep
On the floor every night
Unless I’m in the bed with freaks
In the bed with freaks
I know only know they came if I asked them two
But i learned to sleep on myself like the double matress do
I got the magic whoo
Track Name: I've Got To Have You
Center of gravity limited by the substance in staccato
You can't keep your inside pretty all day like avocados

Dark matter spread
Part battered breads
Breathing sequences
Ring masters
Shatter proof
Sabbath gruesome
Cattle wooks

Feed our energy
To bulbs that sprouted fruit
Before and after
The now is proof
Capital one is casual actual boost
Not of ego but of sacredness
Starborn cave men
Gather corn in a staged event

The bottom feeders
Are the arch web
Top tier savage leaders
1 per-center
Bean stock
Giant seeders

Inhumane society of secret life of bees
We pollinate the hive it's
All we hate we vibe with
Turn down to reconcile
The high pitch
Frequency of water patterns
Crystalline capture the bad machine's damage
Let the engine be run on natural grains of traction

Get spare lives
To terrorize the side shift
Into 5th the distance width
To parlayse the mind fixed
There's no wrong way only a right turn cuz the farther we go
I can't teach you any lessons cuz you already know
Track Name: Under the Bus
I don't want to escape my rage with ragers
Whisky shots and thots with tapers
I don't like to distract the hate with passive acts
Like posting complains on books with facers

We don't want hurt nobody
violence resorts aren't like
Wyndham Hyatt Hilton
Where you choke out your existential crisis until you accidentally killed it
I need to practice my own martial arts cause when i box i strike too rigid
Thinking bout all those that switch up like a south paw fliberty gibbit

Sometimes I feel like i contain all my emotions
For too long up In the suffer ware
So when you open me up I could be rotten but there really was so much love in there

Some kings they stress they lose their hair
Some kings they stress they grow their hair
Some kings they know they shouldn't fear
Cause there's princess for every style of hair

Lately I've been practicing what i preach so much
there is no ones around when I teach it

I can't let people to come to my light
I internalize their residues

Onimonipia like Adam West
when he don't have a partner
It's hard to switch up funny narratives
When you don't have a Robin

God gonna test your measures like little canisters of perfume
When you think your shit ain't rank
He'll make your whole stomach gurgle

I lost my keys and I started flipping out
And I know that's nothing major
It all worked out and no bodies harmed
Stop repressing all your anger

Throw it under the bus
Like Boi you got some mouth on you
He gotta lot of pain he holding in and he would love to take it out on you

Diffuse the hatred with ascension oils
Rise above the drama
When these cheaters say are you heated Nate
I say naw I’m just posted up in the sauna
Track Name: Yellow Water Iris
1976 Laguna Chevy muscle flex

2 ft 5 super hero
bouquet and a radio flyer

Floral bell bottom print
roasted spinach green rusty orangish

New kid in town
jean jackey Glenn Frey
Spiral Cone curl wavee hair
Drug in yesterday

Swedish dancing queen
Abba zabba checker flag

Be at all the house parties
while I'm on my Steve Wozniaks

Sweaty Sly Stallone Saliva particles
Yellow Water Iris
Is the night shade to my Horus

The Soviet States Men say they
Waterboarding traders

Say she a Tommy Boy
but I seen her with her clothes off
Say I'm a home body
Tell em I'm in a grow house

Say we a mismatch
I said we some holy socks
Say we no Wu Tang
bitch look at me I'm Tony Starks

Roll Flowers on my poems
Flowers on my poems
Flowers on my poems
Flowers on my poems
Flowers on my poems
Flowers on my poems
When you choke on it
It makes me moan

you got that strawberry apple sauce
vanilla vodka Mazletov

Lucy in the sky
pero no accuweather forecast

Different stroke for cylinders
Carbon Fiber heather yarn

My Pappy Mason Jamaican Queen
Drug Seizure of my stolen heart

Bitch look at me I'm Tony Starks
The way he pening Poems on God

He no 5 percenter
Just a nation of his Mono-stary
Yellow Water Iris nectar
Turmeric Ginger
Stopped eating hog and chicken
still get inflammation when I'm rocking with her
Track Name: Litty Bug
I made a visit to the under-worldly
They said to stop playing with your nose, guns and Trichina worming

I raised my vision to the Higher earthlings
They said maggots yearn to do the dirt for me

Litty Bugs wander crossings in the Rodney Dangerfields
Kicking over buckets to water bodies that make a deal
Farmers bury audi mobiles
they used to riding dirty
A beard with no callous is like a garden with out the worming
Snakes cant defeat the rake but they shape when all the hose out
They only learn to corroborate when they own they grow house

Who could foot the bill with all the carbon he's omitted?
He's been talking with the flowers
Hope she'll give an inch of systemance

All the ventilation he made
till The hill has sunken
Use the mulch as collateral
when the ears of corn been dusted

Agro Cultural
that is growth within the structure
Without a bit a soul or heat
The fruit becomes less pungent
Who gonna stomp the berries
without the beat thats bumping?
If you can't get the rhyme to wine
then the party is not as jumping.

Cite the striping of the livestock
To convince the skin in the game
But every ounce of perspiration
reeks of death from every poison page

No harm no foul flying in the pond by the rose harbor
For Every shallow acre you own there's more magic in her herb garden.
Track Name: War Paint
War paint on my face
dissuade the plague of
brave invades
to Rein
the wage
stealing of my home

War paint on my blades
display the angst
that stains the strength
to claim
the proceedings of my home

War paint on my caves
Portray the claims
that hang on Plains
to change the main
meaning of my home

War paint on my chains
defamed the aim
of shame
to swang
that man
can't retreat me from my home

would you love him as he is?
as he ashes flashes passion
with the painted pattern on his skin
The providers pride is not phenomenal
it is like his lineage
DE colores
in the formative years
deform the feathered serpent
in performance with a spear
Playing in the field
with the same abbreviation
zona de silencio
paint the silent spaces

Drill with till in
The Hill's
achilles heel
some feel guilt
some feel guilt free
until the war paint risen
and spills its hill's beans
that is secrets sealed
that you can't seek keep concealing

In the game of quitters
addictive victors behaviours
aren't over till you finished
Poling the revisions
The recreation room got more
Takers than the givers
war paint the blanket statement
now Who's the order giver?
if you do so
with out being told so
you feel as if you own it
would you give away your home
to some one that doesn't even own it?

Like an apple out of Edith
she'd like to get with his style
if he didn't have a penis
The other Tree of life with a vine
that is intravenous
war paints are his features
doing right without a guide line
is being wise to long deceivers
Washing War paints off
right by pipe line
now who are all these leaders?
Track Name: Venom Fly Trap
The way your pain is set up
It makes you think that you are lacking love
but you really have an excess

The way your love is set up
It makes you think you are doing it wrong
but well in fact you are an expert

Samurai Jackson
Brown India Irie
Anthony sabato
went to general Hospital

Wanted to extract the venon
in the OR
Told him you at the wrong Doh-R
Make your way to the
Change of thinking
That's intensive care
like cucumber melon
face of pear

Bossa Nova
Nissan Titan
Singing poison in your mind
like a suicidal Danny McBride

The dirty players looking
for the score card
Kareem Abdul Jabar
got the most personal Fouls

Give away your venom like a mercantile
That doesn't extract the feeling
you just another biter of my Burka Style

So many hate their slavery so much
that wish it on another
They feel as if he could be like me
Then we would have a brother

The beetle crosses the road trap
by hovering over the gold Sap
As he circumvents his venom
He turns into a Glown Cat

Every time the pain pulse
I shoot love out just like a beacon
we out here for the givers
Any Takers
Here's my genius

It doesn't work
If your skeptic
cause that means your
lloron biggest suspect

My advice for you
As the spice Guru
Paint with Garlic as a necklace
Do some cayenne pepper
Dance with Rosemary
while you make unordinary breakfast

too familiar when my Venus is your Lilith
Love beckons
in the Dances will the shills in the village
(weird chants)
tiger lily said
eat her up for breakfast
no tequila
honey lime
on your back end

Deep In the natty bush like a wild Thornbury
Misery loves company
the Lovers rocker work to carry
the Alpha Female as she act with thoughts
Kappa donna lion king
relax along
enjoy the scenery
all lover seeds
come from mother earth the merry
all the lover seeds come from
mother earth the Mary
Jane fonda
so much love focusing in on
plain doctor
He the healer without a manuscript
He the healer
he plant the flower not in your swish
He wait for the autumn to
harvest the whole payload
He no gelato lover
He the yellow cake the flame glow
Formed the muddy water
into a Pueblo
Track Name: Dreadlock Boi
brown paper bags with the grease stain on it
brown cigar leaves with the good laid on it
cold white tees with the kush stank on it
blue olsmobiles with the push up on it

Navigate the bridge with the shipment on him
Medicated trade with no witness on him
staying on the level cause no mischief on him
No diamonds on his chain but the gate stay golden
Materialize his piece with the theif e go in
Flippin sign posts whichever way he go in
Isolation self from how deep in he go in
Bring it all together cause there's no opponent

Forgive you for your vibes
how he seize the moment
Use ability he only sees the moment
Love across his galaxy
inner Seas of motion
Speak under his breath
His only speech shalom in

Another open book
which way you want in
Spirit guided wisdom
the truth is showing
Activate the chains
From the deep unconscious
Patronize the planes
with the mystic knowledge

Step into the piece till the sleep is woken
Get in to rift
to increase the focus
Elevate the current till the beast is broken
If he feed too many needs then the shadow surface

Dreadlock boi with the flowers on him
Carmalized skin with medallions on him
Minimalist till he travel formless
Galvanized gold with the California

No attachment to the weight he holding
No heads trips that is mental progress
More love than any words can Chronic
Dreadlock boi smell the flowers on him

smell the flowers on him
smell the flowers on him
smell the flowers on him
smell the flowers on him

Skin deep In the silent space
Lay the LAMB with many faces
Wouldn't turn down any seeker
He no sage he like a raven

Prospectors they poke fun at he
From the way he prays and praises
But they wishing for the freedom
That he shares with all his patrons

He met this little lion girl
and they shared the bowl of sacred
She said I'll leave my flower scent
So when I'm gone you can taste my fragrance

Now his grace don't run away
his grace don't turn away
his faith don't run away
his face don't turn away
they stay...
Track Name: Jahsauce
throw it back
make it pop
like a snapple
asian pears
are juicier than apples
call her up
she tell me oregato
throw up the ichyban
in the photo
when I snap you
Hot Sour soup
I stay away from wanton
Champion sound
like Buju Banton
Feel the Jonny Depp
without the Tim Burtons
What ate Gilbert’s grape?
must of been your girlfriend

she's silly awkward
she says all the wrong things
but when it comes to making love
She'll call me daddy long king

He weird standoffish
dont fit in the hot scene
But when it comes to loyalty
He ride or die for his one queen

lemon grass mixed with brown vanilla
Don't play with cheeken head
cause dem catch salmonella
put off the Netflix
put off the chiller
Tap into to the glass of
Jamaican sarsaparilla

Don't force it make it natural
When it works out
We create something magical

fish swim against the stream
with no pressure
and water flows in a vortex directions

the way we dance
it don't grind
it slow winds
centered in the heart
connected through the mind

the way he sings
it ain't always on time
but when he find the rhyme
He always catch the vibe

go to the preacher man and tell him he a lier
go to the president and the him that he fired
go to police officers and tell them all retire
go to the university and tell them
that we higher

Different flowers from the same buyer
Many styles from the same supplier
Many loves there that never transpired
Leave the Tiger weeping like prophet Jeremiah

Taste Nate he the Cali Sun
Lord Lorenz He the Texas Flood
Put them together you can grow a temple of
Star flowers

The golden section
where all the lines meet up
what is formed in nature
not easily repeated

Holy Trinity
Mind Body Spirit
Catch me I'm the water
Flowing through the river

tell them 1-0
tell them 1-0
Auset Ausar Heru

Cucumber water no Pepsi cola
Black Madonna in
Częstochowa (chesta cova)

Check the medicine
It stems from Kemet
Like Malcolm X
we never Land on Plymouth
Funny Style
he never been no gimmick
So if you have a problem
you can go ask my dentist
Track Name: The Agronomist
Transparent flowers are the looking glass
Where the unknown is spotted,
Blooming something that is strange to touch,
you feel it when you focus in,
How can you control a movement that is in another corolla?
There is one sacred sound that makes sure all the needs met.

just some typical flowers
bunch of typical flower
we just some typical flowers

The petal wants you to wait with me
falling down to stay with me
The visual wants to play with me
Blown away don't stay with me

The pistil feels like it's made for me
The stamen sways
In the waves to breathe
Receptacle wants to play with me
Blown away pollinate with me

Like the Col.
operation Valkyrie Ordered
Watching corruption entrenched
in water
If I make it to the border
Coyote Ugly
Tuning to a Tulip
Working towards tuition
in the School of
House Rock
Interplanet Janet
show me where your moon is
rose from Earth
Im barely used to crooning

Dream Tara Lotus
Breathe bare and wholesome
Green Harry Dozia
Bring back my ocean
with the shipment from the throat
Those Koko pelaliens
came to elope
in my soil
now we woke

taste nate
the father agronomist man made
parenthood is planned but it's plant based
one knight standoffish
cause my lamps shady

Lord witness net neutrality
in a cosmic alignment
Giving peace of solar
with a missing consignment
Jean Dominque
when the freedom is fighting
yellow cake radio
target missiles
at science

Twist not shout
until I breath out my sciatica
I will be the missing Link
Until I find my Agatha