by Taste Nate

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Dj kalil, beat feel less impotent, Try make my bank account reach chase Infinite, Bay Area Boom Bap Dude Pass the Blue Grass, Nothing to put into we we make shifting it, Illy Jitament, Really Interested. Beeming on me man, feel antithesis, Exact opposite, of Ra Ra Washington, Got you runn away from .com Communists Blessing Good god allah act borrowed it, Really no need to bring the Taj Majal in this, I could put the solemnest columnist, In the middle of the arms of one god anonymous, One question would, dominant your argument, If he could pick a starting point, Would he need a Mark of Deutsche? Or is just the art of noise, Possession of every continent, conquer it , Are you John Lennon or Marky Marxist, Ima put it in like McCarthy Cartridge, Fully loaded, when you start these marches, All for anarchy, not walking targets, Archie Debunker got under your skin, Watching your judgment get younger again, There’s no spf to block Ultra Violets, Waiting to protest with fires and violence, Waiting for the newlywed to throwaway bouquets So Catch the flowers enlightenment grows grace, Passing the torches, stand out star gaze, A Falling star and I’d rather be far away. Who farten, cause this kinda stincks Good Goddi Leave the Fear with the Near and Dearly Departed Almighty almighty What they call my city the belly of the beast, I never fit in with the felons of the thieves, I never fit in with elegant or scholarly, If you with me you are in good company, Come with me to your state capital, And tell them to take away your self made castle, Entry level, then you follow the fight, Dress to kill tomorrow, started tonight, all comes to light, indict ancestral, Blameworthiness has gone to your mental, Pass the baton to the young and susceptible, Give them the proof , inevitable Insult, Eric biscoff NWO Promo, Wrestle Erotic, then say no homo, Wear your owner of your shirt, low blow logo , Pretentious princess, Warrior Mistress Lead the World with motherless infants, Roll over Ludwig; Test him like Littman’s Couldn’t you have just sucked his dick bitch? That’s if you wanna swallow his pride, god its alright, take it all inside, Most modest of guys, is the hardest alive, What’s wrong with you bra, Good karmas arrived, Unlearned wonders of crunching numbers, From Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers, Liberty Lady Mother Fuckers, I don’t play fake, In double coverage, I don’t just want a couple dollars, To save up for your son and daughter, Sorry partner, make your own, Coming from nothing so don’t take me home,


Recapitulation (music), a section of musical sonata form where the exposition is repeated in an altered form and the development is concluded.


released March 14, 2012

Team Shells
Lord Lorenz
Simon Sez
DJ Mindcontrol
Pheromoan Productions
Evan Slack
DJ Behold
Kaef Black


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Taste Nate San Francisco, California

Taste Nate is a San Francisco-based rapper known for his abstract lyrics and unconventional, soulful flow that explores Hip Hop with a mystic's vision. He has released 20 solo projects through his record label Yellow Cake Radio. In 2020 Nate Started his production and publishing company Khapri Star. ... more

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