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by Taste Nate

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Closer Than 03:56
Mr. Mrs. 02:41
Falsify 03:32
BARRiER 03:27
Buried Life 04:16
Hold Down; Stick up, for your peace, Shut down; close up, those who speak, We so sickly flu vaccine, Script gon stick me wiki link, Re write history infantry, Apply distinct impede sink, Lets try mystic crispy clean, We can shift these its extreme, Why you think they killed my chief? Take his land and use his reese, Sources forces fuze defeat, Lords abortions chose to seek, Fords and smorgasbords of leek, Swords enforce reform the sheep, Wars that correlate, critique, The foreman of the working fleet, I got your back but you jacked, My whole skull and bones, A well-known fact that you can pass, They stole my chromosomes, Let’s run this back, they played my ass, Like I was Maurice Jones, I don’t mean that, I just mean that, I want my buried gold, It's Necessary High, Get Myself Revived, Because Otherwise it turns into the Buried life, Hail to Mary at Night, Get Prepared to fight, Because Otherwise it turns in the Buried life (x2) Hold up, kick down, this was mine, Shut up, Sit down, it my time, We so sick of fish and swine, Let’s eat bison and drink wine, Put the slaves on fields of rice, They can wait till after life, My empire is like the anti-Christ, Your singing is like a poltergeist, No ones quite not even mice, Before Christmas Twas the night, Watch my people all unite, Burn your village rape your wife, Kinda like what you just did, Now who’s the newest fugitive? The hurt we have is cumulative, You have all that and we have this, You’ve got my back but I just jacked, Your whole kingdom (hay), I seldom ask what’s that is that, Now here’s your DNA, Give me it back, no never that, You can tell FEMA trade, Me for this and you that, The lives of buried slaves, It's Necessary High, Get Myself Revived, Because Otherwise it turns into the Buried life, Hail to Mary at Night, Get Prepared to fight, Because Otherwise it turns in the Buried life (x2) Please release your grip on me, There's a much better way to get, A hold of me. Hold this, please its, real important, Open it up; it’s worth a fortune, You’ll want to know its real origin, Where and when its been orbited, Down for you and me to forge for it, Sacrifice a world war for it, Crystal skulls, engraved ornaments, Miniscule and Enormousness Temples, alters, all been formed wit it, Feel it now and absorb it, Not for us To just worship it, Not for wizards Or the sorceress, Formed it up Restore order with, Didn’t work So in accordance with, God above, We assorted it, Spread the love, We afforded it, You’ve got back, no fuck that, We right here side by side, Your sure bout that, Fasholy cat, We’ve got to coincide, We must multiply, Before the earth divides, Turns one side round, we underground And was buried alive,
Starry 02:02


Psychology + Dichotomy = PSYCHOTOMY
This Album is Dedicated to My Little Brother Dominic


released April 11, 2011

Stems of Wisdom, Prefuse 73, DJ Mindcontrol, Geordie Laforge, Galimatias


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Taste Nate San Francisco, California

Taste Nate is a San Francisco-based rapper known for his abstract lyrics and unconventional, soulful flow that explores Hip Hop with a mystic's vision. He has released 20 solo projects through his record label Yellow Cake Radio. In 2020 Nate Started his production and publishing company Khapri Star. ... more

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