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by Taste Nate

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here we go By the sea There is no Time to speak Carry on Very slow Silently While they be going ham skank Taste Nate be going lamb shank Lovers are metaphysical beings But they don’t have their plants raised Seeds have been germinated Once victims exfoliated The use of skin tone As a reason to be terminated This is the new earth Healers Have anticipated Interwove dimensions No Lessons get separated Ride the wave won’t skip the beat Your heart has never hesitated Empty stomachs fill their voids Hunger spoils defecated Overjoyed cause we underrated Mysterious Voyage but none sedated The sun is set but it is always raisin Proletariat scrolls Mischievous elite diesel hollering Believe the complete truth the earth is whole and hollow then There we go By the sea There is no Time to speak Carry on Very slow Silently Napoleon's tomb
I saw battlefield strewn
Lifeless mangled forms
Bewildered women pruned
Its not from long baths
You can blame these blonde bats
But it all gets overlooked
As another picture flashed
Indomitable energy
A weary man reborn
Shorn of His glory
Corsica Island arrogant
Is it shrewd futility or is he mad ambitious.
Self pity be trailed
As I'm looking at the monument
Smoldering thoughts
Molten lava
Where does freedom lie
The secret place of the most high
Is it the kingdom of God
Garden without demise
By declarations of war
Echo down historic avenues reverberating somehow stops
The filtering is faltering
Uphold it like Pythagoras
Communicate through music
Wild passion savage animals The eloquence of celestial origins
Through self expression This the bliss this the message that you get
when you're headed to the sky can you listen to the wind
Established overjoyed superfluous
Information fishermen With Inter nets to catch the drift
This the bliss when you're sitting on the fence and you finally read the side it comes to be intense
This is it there's no going back again your philosophy is written on the imprint of your skin There we go By the sea There is no Time to speak Carry on Very slow Silently
Give it Up 03:55
Old habbits die hard I’m John McClain on Raw Cocaine Punyeta on centerfold counter top Sonya Blade Roger race bannon Hadji Quest and Bandit Trying to solve the mysteries Of the unexplained vanished Half dead grass fed.... Carne asada Barry Sotorro Bull Horns Play Post Up pass I’m on the Jazz like Greg ostertag The world is her Oyster Pearls before swine Give it up to me Serve words to the shrine The world is my squid Keep spilling ink Until somethings gotta give I found that out that they don’t Serve hand outs to the broken-hearted And there isn’t a store to return a broken promise There isn’t a certain method that used to heal your self If love is what your made of, how can you be your self And if love is where you came from, how can you find your self There aint no time waste There aint no rhyme wasted There aint no mind wasted There aint no life wasted Disputable truths are not hand held Before you let them go better wish them off well Your first attempt does not define greatness Your versions and trials are not your final formation The world doesn’t have a child and then become pregnant I wear my heart as a cloak Have it warm yours when ever its runs cold I asked the blind woman with a service dog If she saw more colors in the day or night fall I been on this type of syncopation That taught you cant stay on beat with out periods of variation Because this is never constructed its open for interpretation The production is a back beat for overlapping transformation Every lead in to the first word is how we count our blessings And every fade out is the death to one direction Give me all you got either gonna break some Or take some I was sent in exile but don’t know where I came from Guardian angel takes defeats like its seraphic Iconoclastic artists looks at my images like its arrogance Lambs don’t lose sleep over opinions of the sheep Dissolution's revival, never meant be convened I recognize all my memories from the past life Just A message from future self saying tastee you better act right.
I got that question on my brain I got that look up on my face so that you can't tell me nothing that's going to make me f****** change I got that monkey on my back he says you can't move if I don't ask But you can't stop my movement if you leave me without my tracks Sleep paralysis like muscular dystrophy Surrounded by IMPs or undead species Walk right in on me when I'm opened from citations The way I feel right now I can tell you that love is changing I used to process from one direction Now I see from different angles Used to see black n white But now the pigments chiaroscuro It was a silent film But now the writings paranormal On the wall it reads You can't keep secrets from ouroboros Four walls Can't separate the yelling It's not a prison box But I have issues with my cellie Four walls Closing in on my chapter Squeezing out my pages But this not trash compactor Four walls And that's one for every chamber It don't matter if you walk I'd just have to renovate you Four walls Wouldn't be complete with my bounty It don't matter if you escape Cause all their auras They surround me I felt your blessings, felt your pains I read your message when it played It said you you can't show me nothing That's gonna make me fucking stay I got that strain that's on my neck the weight that's on my shoulder But you must be smoking something If you think it's over Would you ever say I love you if he didn't say it first He ride the beat like a freak when he paying her Love triangle with two Woman that's four walls They surrounded him from the jump With propositions to hold balls That's a touchy situation When he still healing from the first That had him dusted and disgusted In the ceiling eating dirt Sleeping next to death ain't gonna think him into feelings For another four walls the they could speak into a kingdom, Four walls I've been involved with That Hester that Scarlett Addressing my walls Sore loss Pressure evolved him To better the cause with letters That started The wars off Weapons revolving Suppressing the conquest Directing the contest To forge watch Mended the marching extended the conflict Sending my convicts Behind four walls Now you can waist away your days but I can see through any wall with radiated waves I've ascended I upraise Open up the door so we can validate our range.
Fool Ish 03:36
Target market guard the hostage Hold the ransom Creative captive Slay the dragons Sway the fans and Spark it spark Parade the carcus Waste the harvest Delay the conquest Praise the monsters Why won't you give me props Showbiz? Why would you tell your boss Go get? Count it count it you already know it’s all there Count on it but it’s not yours don’t share Im Hiawatha then you could be my Minnehaha No More steeling kisses like Im Ali Baba It’s all Mangia Mangia like Im your Italian Syha Im your Fa_jah For Jah Applause the floors ours I paid the war dons Who says the worlds ours? We dipped but But They don't want chip in and spread the queso They don't wish to bridge us a cross the threshold They monsters in the mobb that fosters Assassinate my rosters conscience Espionage death cap mushroom Franz Ferdinand bond strong Conflict Cartridge Chukar Partridge Philosophic gorilla softens In Levatine Confines engaged the Captured With faithful actors Sell Bitter Bread To each home Descending Sheepfold Wait to overcome the sacred poem Papi Dante Says he sorry Turning vile mistrust From Camaraderie Initiate the red cross And scope the bodily We dipped but But They don't want chip in and spread the queso They don't wish to bridge us a cross the threshold They monsters in the mobb that fosters Assassinate my rosters consciense living fearless, sinking ear depths, 20,000 leagues under MCS, with hitler haircuts A squeaky air duct She got a cool beak and feathered fair stuff Truly I like waking up With out thinking whereabouts Spray rounds loud as aerosol You wear us out Afro Hair like VeraJao I don't throw hands in the Audubon ballroom Aunwar Sadat at the Restaurant Im Not you Im me UNITY We dipped but But They don't want chip in and spread the queso They don't wish to bridge us a cross the threshold They monsters in the mobb that fosters Assassinate my rosters consciense
. 22nd day of the third trimester Holy Trinity play as the Rhythm Section Established the righteous Voice through my midsection A myriad of words Turner verse into a life lesson I think it's gershwin but if Earth Wind and Fire science Until the whole lot of water flows I'm sick like Anne Frank with typhus long-running Guiding Light with Dusty Springfield's Whole Lotta Love Like Robert Plant with a busty cheat meal What's a . 9 to 5 when you 99 in a Stillwater Mindbender What's a godsend if you left the doctor clock to clone your baby Cuz you lost your icon and your wife on the periodic table . You know cuz I can feel like you can knock some off your neighbor online saying that I'm Petty all lights yellow like i'm Patrick Anyone swayze Dempsey Ewing you don't understand im sarcastic I feel actually for a long time I've been holding back But I've been busting since before I was holding old navy go backs I lay in waste sharp utensils on my plate Hold it with my fingers Just to feel all I've made 8 dollars an hour 8 hours of pulse Listen all feelings gone I let go of the ropes 8 days a week regarding weapons that prosper Stand against me in judgement So I stuck to my comments Fear and loathing with Gonzo Homesick with nostalgia Don't slip into darkness All day music formed from widespread panic Talk to Dr. John or Greg Allman Couple night trippers and midnight rider Trying to remember what a mermaid smells like It could take a whole crow nation Just to taste my recollection Continue asking me questions Paleolithic age Desecrate my remains Until one skull surface Keep holding on to the reins with bated breath and ever humble refrains Who ever is in charge better double up my pay triple darkness seduce couple up with the games Fear speaking the truth is like holding on to the pain Fully loved when your sunny but few loving the shadows Takes some kind of warrior to wear his scars into battle Thinking of the fear that is gone or more like its been buried Thinking about the truths that's ours I've never been into theories Thinking about this stories mine I've never been into sharing Thinking about the time that's come to get rid of the fearing I better stop telling my age my soul is ahead of my body Jurisdiction of my mindset building intellectual property When somebody hears it they acknowledge my honesty Symbolizes the beings the mutation into a oddity
Summer Time 04:21
Smoke a whole zone to my bio dome till I'm higher than the firmament From what I was told the earth is a globe but I'm asking soljah slim Summertime in the gallactica the livings true indeedy Your daddy is rich and that's makes him god so she a deity Namaste on my grind like the player in you sees the pimp c in me Put the answer in the question like is taste Nate the great like where you leading me Hush your mouth before I hit you with the porcupine dentistry Not a street dude but the only reason I'm a good dude is cause I'm suka free How you think you fighting for justice and say you do it peacefully Bullies carry fullies and then tell you that they bout to sweep the street I become one with awareness and harness chi for my family Ninja moded Nam myo go renge kyo, Kama Sutra my god is answering Beast marks get wiped out call me Daniel king Trying to sell you summer like solar panelling Carry dogs like babies and keep children on a leash Wear a t shirt when he's swimming and he's not even obese How you know the food is good cause the plates is empty How you know your party's wack cause the sound is off and the place is empty The only time I used to be people friendly was when there was people friendly Now I emanate my vibration to create synchronicity from coincidently My favorite days I spend is when I'm alone and no ones home My favorite pics I take are when I'm stoned and no ones posing There is much I took for grated I would never make love harden you When the summer is uncovered like a Nigerian barbeque Understand what we can do about the earth is listen when she call on you I have an affliction for jazz Pour some sugar on me in the kitchen with fats Waller turn the heat on and meat thermometer Feast on beats like the end of Ramadan Gold plague to put the beef on with no Passover Sister got a deep throat so I put a low pass filter She can peg my leg like long John silver I'm just a sparrow Jack mixed with Caribbean cool beans I just want to go to Harlem In the 1930s The end of the strike I can play piano like I'm finding my stride James P Johnson Aka Mr. Grey fox nonsense I'm sly as Stallone but you can't picture me boxing I'm with my boxcar children on a mission to boston In my Storyville waiting on my Sarah Vaughn How a common nightingale turned leader of the flock Spread your wings and don't wait until Winter-fall You never entertain you mesmerize and enthrall Blues comes to pass like the cloud is MA Rainey Every time a crawfish is called a crab we act lazy Swoon me into your dreams from Mr sandbags Protect me from the flood of tears and novice hand claps I never expected an orchestra I just wanted a bigger band Now that everyone is bickering that this out of hand How they allow the devil to come to make the conclusion Then we mix the butter, Cinnamon, and brown sugar and calling it fusion The beginning of an end to an era of swing Put a rope over his neck and he started to sing It's a miserable way to get you to feel something I wished we were all blessed with the gift to be good for nothing
I feel closer to my lady bug the cicada is your Labia Cotton mouth nearly died last summer If we both make a dry spell We can supply the new numbers The 13th month power ball with the front runner  Phillip glass sand caste Einstein on the beach Nancy pelosi speaking Feinstein off your feet Tooner and the hootchy Roy Orbison Jr. California blue  Mystery school girl Teach me how to defeat Body language sudden death Staring contest Picture don Cartagena  Meets ferris  Buellers dads car Farrari GT Magnavox tv vcr I feel off from magnanimity My turn around jumper  Returned 360 dunker Every time I put the cookie down I get my kindergarten hunger The power wheel I never had Got my shook up By around the way bleach blonds Think I'm caught up in the Martian but the Martin catch was Keshawn I could build an empire with out Terrance Howard dirty paws in I beetle up myself enough times to get me blinded, By the light of Manfred Mann  One for old time sake Figured it can't be bad They tell me Live a little But do they ever love a lot? Beast wars stag beetle Transform to a megaton Happy meal A piece of scrap metal Makes a symphony  If you can feel Anna Ferris wheel Turns wolves out caught heart worm Illegitimate chillin Bank rob Frank stock burn  My indigenous village down Built a long ivory resort Just so you can watch the lion prowl
If these walls could talk they said hip Hop is in the building If you cannot front on nature there's pigeons on the ceiling One say it's a companion since love is endless bond But others see that as a threat like a drug sniffing dog This sword can sing it's says carry notes strong but carefully Can see the veins of the streets seep One side they use the pipe pipe The other side it's disco party Friday I walk through invisible In a parasitic highway I'm waiting to be secluded Sendai solitaire Draw the card and stack you cross to bear Awaiting your awakening Shuffle through the space between Suited up Under subscribed restrictions Guided through the future Suited in the order through my Sutra's Common sense is like Carcinogenic alchemy To say we fight death in the Self centered Calvary I got the silent piece To haughty superiorities I flip it when exposed to spades Watch him glisten glow a maze He didn't have to gloat to rose occasionally Depended on the interior so no other phase is me They say we connected then I'm open to a cording Lee Bruce got the red diamond eal Electric shock to bless rhyming real Got the armor on the steel Every new Jack ain't matching up my suit Who could be your ace, then you could be your 2s Sendai solitaire Draw the card and stack you cross to bear Awaiting your awakening Shuffle through the space between Suited up Under subscribed restrictions Guided through the future Suited in the order through my Sutra's Sleepless in solitude Hey sues is watching you Modest is the mirror god I follow you Lead me to the pasture where magic doesn't need deception Hide me from the oppressor who wished me in progression A statue of limitations guided as an advice giver An advesary life preserver With safe net attached To her Sad himmaleah I'll never slide past her The watchful leaped , conquistador Waiting to be faithful, small pox cure The answers You can't pay the Piper to rearrange the puzzle Re-pile the reptile sauropod another shuffle One day you will teach them What their fighting for
And then the liquor wears off
And the only thing I kno
Is that I need a another shot (You come a round with that Trone ) you got me so fucked up,
You got me so fucked up
You got me so fucked up
You got me soooo You goin goin goin gone I kno I'm loosin u
But you can't seem to see the fact that you loosin me too,
You thought you had me, you had me so fucked up,
You had me so fucked up
You had me so fucked up
 I had to get my shit together Before I make my woman into my world Plus Men were like whatever they had to fucked the world It got her so Fucked up She got exposed to drugs She got imposed to lust Full demon, Cobra Clutched Them bitches broke my trust, For riches choked my funds Now I’m just boasted Up Them hoes is So Fucked up They got explosive guns The put the ghosts in US The Tantric Gnostic Grudge I let emotions run Im in my rouge Revolutionary robe Preaching Love is the Answer Like my Great Grandma Ellenor It got her so Fucked up Cause she been jaded once It was that Faded punch Drunk love from hatred grunts I tell her glow Get you hungry bell full Put your faith in the creator Cause you never really know One day you’ll soak it up Like a foretelling sponge Shed tears then toss it up Like Makaveli Does Swervin through the Bario like there he go, You dropped the irish bomb like a white washed cameo You stedlily on my medlity like Remy in Bordeaux (bordo) Rose You twisting up my mission, Tequila worms in CornerRows Moscotto Love Bottle Closed some how I propose the toast I wish that I can break you but I broke the Gil Scott Quotable You Fill Me Up I Feel You up I wrap My hands around you I build you up You break me down but I’m still lost without you I’ve Powed You flowed I’m drawn to your promotional I’m Froze When you pose No prohibition social hoes But I cry more when I score with you I could spill my whole life for my Boo (ZAH) The key line and her lipstick stick together like the feline and the cricket stick to the script gotta read my requisitions We sing together in night time like the whispers Hear the canines whimper coyotes trick raccoons share another pitcher But we can sip up turn around let me see her fully figure You got me thirsty I'm handling my liquor Lets clean our auras I can watch you in the mirror Its been lonely I'm addicted to her elixir
Trees of life We don't fight Forth right Bristle Tonight Fertility Devine medicine paradise Knowledge garden cut me down make pages in the book of life I served my penance paying sentimental sentence attenuated the mental in the wellness of my center rivets in my skin pay attention are my fashion Blessings that fall are my laughs not my ashes my roots thick they stick to kick scripts through granite inoculate wannabeess spit the duddy smell in warm winds deprive me of nutrient im dry and intense watch the the fire crackle in the night intill i get fed cut my flesh ill tell the story all of them that came before me lay beneath me when you warming and if you leaf me In the morning Ima need you, keep returning You keep wheezing you allergic Im only rooted cause Im nervous Read the names forever love within my out reach Like my body art, the owl hollowed out me Part of my body getting carried by the barge The remainder you wear on you to leave within its charge Now you read me im your cards and you feel me in your cars when it got the grain still got you covered underneath me when it rain still when it gets too hot that's really when it freeze me I live by the sea so i always keep a breezy she can be my savior when flowers pollinate you cause my arms hold the hives of bees Share my knowledge spread my mind to seeds I keep a woody cause my branches breed You know what I mean Trees of life We don't fight Forth right Bristle Tonight Fertility Devine medicine paradise Knowledge garden cut me down make pages in the book of life
Divine Blessings The most magnificent Elohim Structured The Most high inquisitive Abundance Mechanisms Manifested minerals Alchemist ancestry Played piano notes at minstrels Receiving and giving is a sequence in a whole From absolute nothingness towards unity in a duel Work to reach pleasure so desire is a leisure So the enemy is the self and the oppressor is a teacher Open up to be the receiver of benevolent saw dust The flow of god's love from heaven unto us Allah Justice gives mercy for the beams Two Pillars to each kingdom of the trees Interdependent of each to reach the source If there was ever a place to awaken its in her voice They like Competitions its the engine for enslavement So we don't make blood packs or enter Nephilim relations
Desert Rose 02:56
Apparently refined sugar can kill hip hop and leave it at its footprints maybe we can do something with the lower glycemic index Alcohol consumption leaves voices in mines with empty bubbles Pull the victims from the vaults fired antiques in the tunnels God bless the dead in the spouse he impregnated Birthing Strange Fruit from our mouth till DNA updated Hip hop been whitewashed because it's harder to control the black mind Roll up this player piano paper and now we ashing out this ragtime Orange jumpsuit sentences wasn't matching up his ragtime What is the Sean price of a potato with the greatest rapper tagline Yo I walked this footnote for many moons but never joined the calvacade Then I made my heart stomps known when ever the break beat palpitates Having no bread is ironic because that's really when the toasters pop When all the pigs lining up for samples from the doughnut shop False flag football where the camera man's the canon fodder Ironic cause the turn ups so real I got rejected by my dance partner Speaking broken English but the music is my trance ponder Get up and dance with our Afrikannas that Bamaataa Yeah we in the House and every king has golden in his mouth How many styles you have taste Nate? Copious amounts Say I am hip hop, I am saved, Say I am hip hop, hip hops safe Say I am hip hop, I am saved, Say I am hip hop, Hip Hops safe Roll up some strange fruit now we you looking at stron-jay Came to to save the game, but un Tidal'd my Kanye Pour out some strange juice, throw down Billies on Holidays Metaphysical beings Thats thinking beyond race Apparently hip Hop got shot down by an LAPD detective And r and b crashed it's plane and we still can't find the wreckage Share backwoods in the forest with Robin Hood to theory That there isn't a big bang just boom bap to cure the weary Went to give the bum dap he said give me 5 on the cracked hand side I told him the game is thick and he said I'll let your mac ass slide It's a cold world and I'm not the type of star child that needs swaddling You can diss me to my face or be brave behind the technology Hold the headphone to my earlobe now he feeling the like DJ Stepping on strange fruit cold crushing it for the d grade Flunky you Only update for the ones thats pretending to bump it Give back to the needy slick that's the end of discussion Duckets from sad people that never learned of my cries Word to mother king is just an objective word in my eyes Cause once you start to figure out that the figures ain't ballpark Then you would think be before you start to buy your bananas at Walmart Flea market got the boot legs that give you the I just smelt some poo face From a little bit of everywhere so get to understand my suit case You can put your stamp on it but make sure you recognize the fruit bearers and before you Jam on It make sure Your cardboard has the truth flares mac dre big l jam master j big pun left eye Tupac the jacka Big Poppa GURU Phife dog Eydea Alyiah Sean P I C ya
Yo I don't have to see them glow Don't hide it let them show Reach in my arms and hold You don't have to let me go In my heart you'll find your home Futures Won't be a lone We don't have to be that close But I reach you in your zone And it's there I speak my poems The frequencies you notice Like the sirens in the ocean Let them pull me in your closeness And teach me symbiosis And I keep you in my focus Cause I need you you my lotus Don't you let me go
Put the coaster down so you do not stain the wood grain POur your offers down So you don't destroy his good name She already waves she doesn't need a night cap He feeling blessed like he sneezed in night mass The red light flickers same time as the Light tower Fog horn blows same tone as the bronze flowers Gold coin standard hold up if you don't spend it And if he goes in you could tell it's a life sentence He has an outstanding landing towards meladrama But it's more stunning than warrioress terachota Choke the basil that is fuego then go and run the ididerod Extra husky puppy sledding off with meridian Strong man competition always ends with an eye gouge Or a tongue extraction when the speakers lie down Cmon you know it's hot when you wear it like a cow They be acting donkey cause the mule has lost its plow Corn fed bison strength the rite of passage you have had been a slave, no I wasn't asking Your profession is a trade more than half hazardous Working at the mill is better than lumber jack sawing dust Many hats she wore them to pretend to be a man Cause that's the only way she could ever own a piece of land. What is the barb wire for, to keep us out or keep you in? what is a peep show, when we really wanna sneak you in? Lynx and Bob cats, no better than the muskrat Just because one has a fucking swirly mustache If you keep pulling on my leg I might have to bobs your aunty Plus she is actually indigenous and aware of her surroundings My cousin is a townie that means he dresses mediocre I only bring him around cause he counts the cards at poker We ride all day and we make jokes about the worlds fair Cause your inventions don't mean nothing to horn player As long people are dancing and the hooch can warm my chilly knees Then I can stumble to the red light and earn my second victory Lose my first income but earn my reputation back As the only boy to survive the sierra avalanche Silver rush more lucrative when you have the extra bullets I think my aim is off cause I thrown it when I should shoot it Because I am neither a city slicker or a back creek ponderosa but I reek of manzanita as I shift my Barbary Coaster Bartender got me open like a shrink that pours the well off In Sanitarium I went to visit Dr. Kellogg The peanut gallery not the same as the nut house The elephants in the room and he scared of a little mouse, I'm gonna leave this place one day and I'm taking the coaster with me It's not a souvenir it's a depiction of the city And long after I'm gone this place will rot and rust Spills my spirit over the floor and remember me by its must.
Garuda Flies with kind and loving presence And weakens down all prior armed defenses Welcome to dharmaghetton where the balance gets crossed Super Nova fuse to disrupt old stars Goomy that crew with the Kung Fu nards Displace your ionosphere come Balance my charge Aquarians ride waves in flowing waters Leviathans cannot survive the fight with Brahma Quantums get entangled inside your bondage Paradigms reform with Hidden knowledge I'm her number one without numerology So we can seek god with no dichotomy Sapios explode to my philosophy She buss it like a self fulfilling prophecy Buddha Shrines Fall down in Dharmaghetton Ahimsa hands hold all hearts with her message Stellar citizens Meta Physicians Elements resist then they enlist my super fission Intuitive the distance of the dominate position Reflective through galaxy of quantum unit vision Dharmaghetton is the Euphemism Channeling conniption missing elder witches wisdom Gigio been dealing with the Pharaoh Card Nasty been the last dragon Puffing Tarragon Farashaka Hussein There's a place where they bury bodies till the day they're not enough time to save your life But we all started thanking God before we died Carry on a product in the likes your name Periodic problems that associate Naturals selects that yah could be exempt The theory of the thought Expressin to the tenth Power to the star to start to despond Carry it a cross through walk on this pond Recommended ministry Devision of the sought Get your man unlocked From the rhythm from your heart R-PM that makes you the night mate Right nate? Ive been friend of benefit so you can spin the light weight Ambition of a fisherman So we throwing back the pike waste Strictly catch n re lease You Selling your out for premiums The rest is capish Pull you out your birth canals from the belly of the beast
I don't share s*** like Jimmy MacElroy Flying through space in a plastic asteroid I'm not trying to trade my place like. Dan Aykroyd So if there something that you want to come ask your boy Been holding back my tears my bad that's cebolla Is her planet Janet my bad that's Latoya Cuz even little things looking bad for the Goya I play the soundtrack as it blasts through the coil Sitting on the block doing almsgiving Cultivate the sharpest weapon is the songs riffing The basis for liberation on the outstanding path Building confidence shaping the expansion graph Must be antimatter cause if you over charge the pulse And you go inside the note Then the most complex of particles don't even matter Once upon a time turns twice upon on a shrine While you looking upon a star for the ever afters Beware of Coney catchers They does alarm the hoax They divide with bigger boast Until the most simple common bonds begin to shatter To be continued remains to be a mystery From hoodlums that insist on trickery The table has turned and there is no other way For them to tame the rabbbit The job of Conny catchers Grab hold of your answers and feed them Back to you Make you say what they have planned To use deceiving you
Twerk your eyelashes so i can see your soul is wholesome Rotate your outer body real slow like your grown n lonesome Picture us together without seperated bits of tissue Twinning flames make federated light twice continue (X2)...twinning flames Alpha males slouch when they step across A kappa nigga Cause he pathed out and might just havta kappa nigga Like the tops of psilocybin The type to write disciple visions The side that swipes for miles driven Trails have blazed to paths we twinning We meant to meet Rip jack but snakes that never blink Can press the heat And execute Phillip seymore gandolphini reiki charged candles trampoline these Leaders with no bounce make CHANGE with stATE FORM Switching planes on prayer boards Im the i ching chow mein Pulling strands from round break Turning sands to water weight Burning grass in moderate Looking glass for all of it You took me back to follow it So we can patch our call a quits And be the fire to all of this (chant) what you say bruh- (say me out my mind+
Planet it earth,Who plan it earth? Tampered petals fall grind stone to churn Be consumed decompose then returned Every piece shared no matter where it's born No matters wears ,no matters when it's worm Rather it exists to be woven for warmth Mutable codes that can turn sand to stone with that's sandstone ,You can build stones with stand When ever sand storms Mutable codes, Mutuals exposed Dark periscopes, Look deep below Light up secrets, That's been lost alone Let um know they beautiful, They Beautiful Invariable is mutable The number one reciprocal Come over me we mutual Adaptable, turn gas into something tangible Turn that into something infallible Double back we liquid animals Sentient Beings Sensations in aggregation Distinctions in formation Wandering with Samsara Worldly and ethereal Holy Ghost is mutable Turns frequencies to unity Turns discord into harmony, Lovely Spirit seeks elevation not validation Intelligence seeks correctness not acceptace I come from a place called anything is possible Born into a world when everything is scarce and everyone is scary I just wanna fly back to abundance I just have to lose all my luggage Air bend with my Indigo Shoot the moon with a Nintendo superscope Luis Guzman looking mofongo burning Palo Santo Waking up my waves and my wages Raising up my age and payments Tear down all my horoscopes a new platoon of eccentric stupidos Kuiper belts KBOs watch the dwarfs HBOs Taking off my brakes and braces Putting on my chains and my laces What's a wolf man is that a liar with a sheep's skin Or is she tired and she bored and needs fire cause she's a caged hen, It's cold cause both our souls is naked It's pressure cause our hearts needs there places It's still effective to pray for someone with out telling them about it Learning to trust instincts was the benefit of doubting What you seek is seeking you, but we are seeking the you that you are seeking too I think I'm all that, but I'm not that important Still coming harder I'm not that impotent Go through the motions but don't know the quotients And add to my strength in the mutable codex Live and direct But if my vibe is my tribes then my vibes called quest Just a five footer beneath sea levels Depeche Mode with three gold metals Enjoy the silence on a digable planet Cool like that im invisible Dammit Kicking flows the Hope full Slowmantic Jazzmatazz that's another gold standard Info Wars, no Im Info Peace Im Classical, Cause I spit Caprice King Caprick, Adlib like Kid Capri Long Live Bori Kane Big Daddies Check that Technique Rest the Bed leaks The Water Bearers Get Spread the best cheeks She Got a fatty and Im erick sermon Cause I rock the house like Pee Wee kirkland CL Smooth asked what's a real Emcee Like? TLC, Monnie Love and Emcee Lyte,


"Lovers Are Metaphysical Beings” (L.A.M.B) is Taste Nate's sound track to his own spiritual transformation, his realignment with his higher self, if you will. In a torrent of silver-tongued, story telling and arcane references, he redefines what it is to be human, and by extension, transhuman. The album also serves as a homage to his roots and early influences in the Boom bap style of production epitomized by Pete Rock and DJ Premiere. Lord Lorenz's heavy bass and synthesized sample arrangements create a spacy time pattern for Nate to nurture in his earthy ecosystem. Birth, Death and rebirth are brought front and center through the lens of L.A.M.B.— our personal. interactive journey of creation.


released December 23, 2016

Label: Yellow Cake Radio


Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Lord Lorenz


Recorded at Knock Knock Studios



all rights reserved



Taste Nate San Francisco, California

Taste Nate is a San Francisco-based rapper known for his abstract lyrics and unconventional, soulful flow that explores Hip Hop with a mystic's vision. He has released 20 solo projects through his record label Yellow Cake Radio. In 2020 Nate Started his production and publishing company Khapri Star. ... more

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