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by Taste Nate

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All the while pacing waiting for the payday
 Or standing still thinking bout the way they
 Used to take aggression out on two younger ones with love in style
 Thought they could break us down
 The truth in prison now break us out
 You can take away the ones we love
 But cant take away the way we love ones Under surveillance by our peers and our ears the stolen property
 Electro-thought therapy cant make you give up what was brought to me
 We still live forever even though our attention span is gone
 I won't accept your method even if its the one you all agreed upon
 I'll just attempt the message that all the hearts been leaning on
 Go inside to seek to the answers to the question they’ve been sleeping on, now dream along Def Con 13 hacking out the lone gunmen If you grown budget don’t smudge it don’t touch it You really want to be like those that carry out prophecy Being handled by the vandal by amulet routine He was going back inside to be taken out his misery I’ve been flowing back in time to make peace with my enemies We got off on the wrong foot but still became his left hand man That means I felt left out but didn’t resent the steps advanced Upward on my ability to feel you all we in this place I refuse to take upon your excretions cause they infiltrate Into my psychic solar sphere then they begin to permeate Until I start to scream like some one set me up to simulate Horrific voice over’s but this one was to get it out Whatever what was blocking my serenity is weaker now I wish to build a unity with the magic place from where I rose Supernatural localities but there are other variables Like friends and family that conjunction with an expectation But they must understand that there really is no separation Like trying to live a double life but when you dream its cut in half Deep inside your love is where no sunny day gets overcast
you no good for me fruc toast corn syrup msg you no good for me fruc toast corn syrup msg you no good for me fruc toast corn syrup msg you no good for me fruc toast corn syrup msg if I see you on my plate I tell these f*** boys get s*** about my face care about my brains you could take your crumbled crumpet in the syrup out my crepe I'm not whining pesticides upon my grape the 60 different countries to make a great escape sleeping s*** get in bed with the compost you f****** pig intestine boiling in the gumbo what you know about mofungo racist like the crows that was singing up in DUMBO I watch it elephant fly I'm pulling a compliment telling the clock you no good for me fruc toast corn syrup msg you no good for me fruc toast corn syrup msg you no good for me fruc toast corn syrup msg you no good for me fruc toast corn syrup msg artificial sweeteners cardiac arrest caramel color fetal dust I'm a carnivore Your beetle dung Flush.down you.fuckers That the.good.that evil does I told the mental institutionS you ain't ready for me little cuckoo nest get their eagle on please harm assault pharmaceutical companies alarm is called paramedic the police Enviromental protection agency My.mind is tempted to explain everthing The rap is bait like police statement Hanging with mr cooper pale as The horse you rode in on Went on joy rides With papa pill on We long for someone to break it down for us Put it in a line Make your nostills suck Thats one more step further than a coffee cup Where you lick the residue From in god.we.trust The money launderaz in wanderlust Now i dont showboat cause i sail on truth Hip hop saved my life sentence on lupes In a poem or book with a flow and a hook I dont care to be seen just get overlooked I didnt care to watch but i just overheard That god is coming all the demons will beware
Now let me take a second before I mix my message like a whisk is to a beverage (Now chill) Before you make an exit Navigate directions I can activate your questions (For real) Elaborate you're destined For the motion thats affection I'm appalled I'm posted on the passion Coasted on attraction Its been coated on the caption The lotus with fashion Just Exploded on the faction 321 Is you ready for disater Cuz every Betty Paige turn over naster macked her Like a covert hacker have her Short coded tracker faster Want to be happier Ever after stats is backward Have you been touched by an angel? Or is it a douche bag packaged with a halo? Do you think the dead is gratefull? That you can walk all over them and every step is gracefull. Motion sickness Turning all the corners No significance Deserted all the mortars No ballistics Cant shoot back to before it ended But if you moving on i guess thats the way that god intended Three rings Third finger said retreat Two fingers says Peace peace 1 finger said F*** me They be bangin like Chuck D I can't see em like Brother Ali Drop me off my aura still in the front seat I'm running with you like cross country The fifth agreement was review 43 Toltec Tuesday Solar crapped moonray Polar cap Ricans he be colder than a Cool J Breathe me like menthol Won't do you like oranenthal Shit can get ugly hush puppy to a corn ball. Its is in my court got the power per se Powder puff grew up hourglass hurts me She ask how do I get you out of your 5 o’clock shadow I be cutting it smoother than a Dolemite battle You home alone or is it , Another shooting star launch party? Gave me that look said you must be out of your god body. Eastside story see me like the moonrise Westside Shorty got me for a small time Caught you out the water now you acting up tight Not sleeping rolling over just follow Luna Light During the day I close my eyes just so I can stay awake Throw on some Lonnie Liston just so I can meditate Nuclear fission when the yellowcake decays Eastside story son will come up straight away
They took the bay away
 They took the game away
 Sillicon valley stadium
For your love parade
 Stick candles in your titty tassles
And zip your bondage mask up
 Meek inherritance
 Earth sign caps luck Taking orders from sf gate raiders
 Im the slave trader that gave acres
 And two jack londons a square deal
 Im the first rapper to bid tupac
Lessons a fareware Well fare we all seem ebt 
A little sold out to chester cheeto chicken feed
 All the wine bars cant escape the crying eyelids
 The Homeless turning their cheek on your slice of pie its
 All well to do if you reptile brain fart
 Ima take over your futile train bart
 Silent revolution im your iphone earbud,
 Occupy your heart until you output bay love, Your superfical sex mechanism
Unchained melody
 Your egotistic fame game
Shame penalty
 Enviromental turf war count me out
 Taino medical folklure what eyes about
 On the sea cliff where wack is being nourished
 Swear they going in like japanese internment
 We know the secrets you have to be assertive
 Dont care i attract with passion and with courage
 I see them carry the torch but the light was never handed out
 With Sandlewood vessels san fran cant clam me down
 Chowder house crab season cancer mood
 Shouting out every sports figure he never knew
 Success ladder on the backs 
 Effects scatter on the decks
 Possess better then the sense
 Nets fatter on the checks
 Carlos santeria or 
Rossi rhine sangria
 Cant fly the planes when i airlines korea Crash like zildian cymbals in the outerlands festival
 Party poopers more filthy than an underground vegtable.
 Taking no shorts but still cant stay away From reality raps or guerilla film modern day
 Muckrackers in the land of fund raisers
 Go and get yours but this bay love is mine haters

Since I had you on my rebel team
 I thought that love was truth and truth was everything
 (What you saying?)
 I think there’s room for two in this space whip
 If eye could find heaven inside human nature Since I had you had this impulse king
 To walk the earth knowing you would never leave.
 (What you saying?) I felt your presence when light met shade.
 The danger was a wager in this life I’ve saved If I take a risk and I ask you to hit
 And I make first base then the action is
 A stepping-stone in a wonder pond
 Then I’m the coqui frog that is jumping on
 Cloud 9. since I had you in my clutches
 Don’t have to break it down I already rolled something
 It’s a whole scroll
 Tell me have you ever heard this much this much Impediment? Like you really uhh umm kinda fa fah fahne fine and intelligent
 Leave me with the all time in the world to make all kinda scenarios About who’s fucking who wouldn’t play threw in stereo
 I’ve got more respect then regret Pulsing out this Rican crown
 I’ll squeeze you like the last bit of ketchup while you reach around Since i had you on my rebel team
 I thought that love was truth and truth was everything
 (What you saying?)
 I think there’s room for two in this space whip
 If eye could find heaven inside human nature (I own no regrets or decisions. I owe all that to experience) Since I had you had this impulse king
 To walk the earth knowing you would never leave.
 (What you saying?) I felt your presence when light met shade.
 The danger was a wager in this life I’ve saved If you bouta dip don't trip
 Don’t get your panties all up in a bunch again
 I feel keen and relieved you took it upon your self to come under my Circumferences My love is all bottled up bubbled up all shampoo that means no conditioning
 His words from within ain’t thin they stand they stand for the thickening Rebel with the cost of living in the tossed up quarter when you asking for some tail or some head
 Never in a costume fitted in the Azul River where the passion is the sails that you set
 Breezing through the miscues seems to me you’ve infused
 Ideas there’s a pressure to decide to be mine I would never think to take away a lifestyle or role you played Read this reassure you reside in my skies.
SkyScrape 02:42
It’s a Crime it’s Crime it's crime it's crime That I'm a slave to my sign I’m the coldest when I rhyme It's a crime it's a crime it's a crime it's crime That I pulled out my heart and you stole it from behind This patterns Noah's Ark the interior design So if you flirting with disaster Its in an inferior reply The type of love that can Make an immigration case stand In front of Medusa and sing to every piece of snake strand They was on the come up pushing up on you certainly The same type of people thinking money means maturity They must've learned that from their scaly beta keratin Warrior monked up like a faded David Carradine Making shit up and then you cater to the parity To keep it equal to the point it gets embarrassing Calling it a Careen scene but I just call it kerosene Gassing you up like a mermaid in captivity Corralling all the unicorns And Pegasusis Can’t leave the castle so the queens jealous of the leggo beasts Don't let these ho ass motherfuckers show you off in hot rod Skyscrape I’m the sun ray Charles Junkie for my sugar My music is my conduit In lonely Avenue but I'm the truth so you can’t handle it What you waiting for the switch up I know you get impatient When you ask the question first when I ask you back you change it A Surprise a surprise a surprise Ride by my skyscraper you got Me out my element Don’t reply leave a smile Throwed a style Getting high watch me time travel vessel is intelligent You can lie you can try Catch a vibe it’s alright I wont call you out Just verify the evidence It’s a crimb it’s a crimb it’s a crimb you think you better off without the blessings of my fellowship.
I used to ski down the bunny hill
 Taking weed maps look at me watch the money bills
 Now I kinda body build Watching Hollywood hotties in a party of a Molly pill
 Peter Rabbit Cottontail
 Hertz rental car had the Pontiac Bonneville
 No kick flip Ali skills
 Got my poly grip for on the Ripper with the valley gills Chase that white rabbit Down that bunny hole That face-lift actress Chase that Cabbage Until you being replaced By the baseline baggage She's a princess with some classy stilts
 Prescription box her happy meal
 Jaw smacky Laffy Taffy she be acting ill
 Hell ya she had the mass appeal
 The snow bunny hole Smoothest tight vaginal
 Nasty might have to pass it still
 I don’t need no Easter eggs out the legs but that babbys trill Off the wagon swaggin Abigail She think she know the language Cause she sanging on the aderill Your rack on rack is wack on track You can have that ass with flask on tilt Chase that white rabbit Down that bunny hole The White chick magnet She lets you have it Until you being replaced By a mainstream swaggot Say she be a Wiccan gypsy
 Germans words root Dirk Nowitzki 
My purrs is heard it's herd to miss me
 Twists more herbs burns currency
 Black currant seed I prefer the turban Persian tinge Siesta Crysta her Fern’s Gully She lips the earth clasps the trees Hold hands with Cap and branch the seas 
She has more fans Franz Ferdinand
 But these the ones you cool with hands
 I just don’t get it
 All black everything skin snow blizzard
 you the womankind rather conversate with
 You understand my thoughts 
are naked
 Truths just like Unlaced corsets
 Crows set on noise shaking breasts
 Black magic wasn’t made for death
 Imagination made it vexed.
 Still I toil in my poetry
 This bunny hole paramour to my upbringing
 Or rather my lineage
 Now it’s magic how I pull this rabbit out you idiots. Down the bunny hole, Waiting for me to make a move I know, When I plant my scepter, Your world gonna chance from worse to better, Snow Bunny Holes I’ll go face first bouta change your world From pain to pleasure You’ve been rubbing me white so it’s worth the effort. Ima rock with the instrument Not a knock Ima implement The talk of a gentleman with a cock full of medicine, That’s a Wizard of Diction Digital Gypsies Have the physical quick wit I have principles dip shit, I won’t stick my dick in any thing That I wouldn’t have a kid with, That’s how a player has safe sex The game really easy cause They marrying the same sex I’m not very into fake breasts You thirst Im Hungarian The areola taste test Shania Twains mark more then rings Your still the one like a New Orleans Horney Goat Weed gonna boost my Libido You a grey goose but I pour up Rufino I’m a stallion baby more valiant any growl is Hades Better release all that hoe shit From your root chakra I’m mirror of the hole list Like 5 Dylons Suck Style more live Bob Dylan bust When the winds blows down now I’ve sunk Down the Bunny Hole Down the bunny hole, Waiting for you to make a move you know, When you cringe your ester My world gonna chance from worse to better, Snow Bunny Holes Go Get us ahead in this crazy world Turn pain to pleasure I’ve been rubbing you white so it’s worth the effort.
Love, fools. 04:51
Been hoodwinked Love backed away
 Got secrets some stashed away 
Deceitful Ann Hathaway
 Fell deep in love passed away
 Dead energy manipulates
 Good chemistry that indicates 
Lost memory found affirmates Brown Genevieve lounge half the day
 What can it be wash out the taste
 Whole mouthful drown out the name
 Im doubtful pound out the brain
 Im humble you bout the fame I’ll fuck you but not about to change
 Cause I love you doesn’t sound the same Keep talking or go act your age
 Cause these problems I’ll have to face Heart Mel Gibson Home of the brave
 Barbarian Conan the break
 Contrarian Honing the blade
 Garbage pale kids holding her waste
 How the kid feels scrolling the page Encyclo brown caught a cold case
 So unheard of He called it Taste Nate
 Looking at fractals within mother natch
 Purple crayon Harold gonna make
 Blue notes to play yellow cake
 With a sliced pie Crescent moon shape
 Get it turned in without a due date
 Been determined Im not roommate
 Or a houseguest Im proud I do beg
 Without temptation Im not a soul mate
 No whitening strips just tom’s toothpaste
 Blackened skin through the coal gate
 Still beautiful without a cute face
 Still musical without a cubase Couple real ones had a few fakes
 The old sine waves But through a new phase
 Multiverse theorem gotta bloom shades
 New flower power but this isn't plant based Fuel economy or inner man caves
 Truth star power Meteor maids
 Don’t be mad didn’t get a fan base
 I've trying to get manswers
Peter Fontaine
 Reader octane if she don’t got game
 Then we don’t want dames
 We don’t fall victim to the real talk slang
 You changed because you loved me I love you but you changed
 We don’t want the same things Don't bother me I'm writing
 Taking live bait they calling it fine dining
 You can walk again your Tim is not tiny
 Morgan Fairchild got a tight nighty
 a solid poor
 Drink is bold in bitey
 More dress scenes than salad bar variety
 At the bazaar haggling a Bangladeshi
 On my Anita Baker the best I got is ready
 Gilbert god freed the problem child reminds me
 That you can't get embarrassed If all inside is mighty
 Use three fingers This bowling ball is creamy
 Got my haircut like dr. Mcdreamy
 Sharon stone 
into the new species
 Two amazons then the river runs through me
 Don’t do tity bars body show graffiti
 She Likes the way it flows the like an audio receiver
 Then bodi goes repeating
 Wrote a life sentence
 Just to complicate the meaning Then bodi goes repeating
 Wrote a life sentence
 Just to complicate the meaning
Crossroads 03:24
Chia seeds and coffee beans in Aztec potteries say Salam to the Ocelot like Mayan astrology watching b****** chase cars down their the crossroads but Andre told me Caroline's not down to mars so I don't trust them dames with names their moms gave like Sadie or Porsche Not Russian to wife um lady with fun sayings like gorka if think is your drink then my mind is your aphrodisia immune to the fumes of your toons cuz rhymes like Echinacea Annunciate But i speak so soft when i talks its hard to communicate Not here to be feared who’s scared to reincarnate There is something won to be drawn like a Korean car note There is nothing calm in your palm but your torat cards dope Not gone in the hills like Beverly Becky’s aunt Song in the children like the best Uzbekistan Wanted to build all the steps to connect with fans Terrestrial radio doesn’t invest insubstantial man I bend the air so here is my chance to underwhelm If rap is your chant there is a chance your under spells Intersecular where the lines they don’t match up overlap each other like swimmers that track run Triathlon buy outs be gone Sea athletes want my masterpiece psalm I dont know my skin type but its weddo in water I’ll take any direction like a cinematographer I could wear diamonds in a chain of commands; We all about the crystalline so save me in sand, Compatibility for me is a bucket of crabs, Two fish split a virgin by an arrow of Sag Im a dear old dad, the father of style, The Compositor of files With no saucer I’m flyer Handouts in the molecular form Triggers take off to celestial cords Im attached to no force But Im connected to source I take lessons for fun, I make no mistake once, Im the cap on the corn Im the practical horn No perfection is worth All the set tripping wars That festival of less than whole, Is intentional for vegetables Septic pools for fenced in mules Are acceptable for empty ghouls You are a special tool for the sectional When overused its predictable Those separable sets of rules Will decentralize the centerfold To simplified the civilized In the ego’s eyes that equalized Deceitful minds destabilized But the hero sides with neither why There is only one its I and I The finest line is ionized Sci and Fi are messiah alike I’m High and dry the disciple of life,
Serket 02:47
She got the Scorpions head sorceress friends her origins death of course she is fresh oh boy he impressed Kevorkian slept Lady of the beautiful tent the protector of intestines raspberry lips treacherous adventure Preschool follow paper and a pencil I'm a chill back penis on the mantle great snake demon you going to leave them in the sacred land not me Neith err deceased throats breathe first Breached her rebirth Kingdom need your Sweet feet healer Sweep these kneeler Need your features Striking. beauty The manuscripts named from division of your divinity The New Kingdom calls you Serket I got first dibs I'm glad I had you as a virgin That’s perfect I must passed you on the first ship That hurts shit Its kinda sad you had to worship The serpent I aint mad I’ve just been burnt with the. cursive I can feel like my tongue slipped with the first kiss Imagine you as Sundays gift of service, immergence Try to find you like a missing person its urgent the castle you chose labyrinth robes elaborate clones saturate souls saccharin flow the Sabbath was sold Papyrus code Book of the Dead Your the chapter of hope In African boats Sailed away not as Captive of ghost Like acupressure Follow the patterns of pulse Tributary for the Hattic approach Wont forgot about the magic you wrote On fabric of stone Burn one down and then from ashes you rose
Activate 02:41
Turn off your television Turn on your brightness Take a look around Then start to visualize it Watch the raven fly No I am not the author But I read the signs So listen to the Auger Pearls of wisdom 7 streams of dogma 2 frames of speech Divided to get concurred Time is this the hour It’s our OWL-GLASS So the time is now This two shall pass Future foul as a contra Devour up my mantra Catch a look around And if it starts to haunt ya Then craft a good measure Of the oversight As the woodpecker hammers On the tree of life I wanna see your 3rd eye On a natural high Activate your 3rd eye On a natural high Turn Down your station Binaural engagement Theta Waves Bring sleep to the awakened Now you can be infected Ailment of limitation Lay down constraints Let go become weightless Master our belongings And baggage fee for flight Now we become a warrior Microphone our vice Boom I lock um up With a buffalo style But there’s no need to fear I want to make you proud I want to make you feel Like you’re walking on a cloud But grounded to the earth You are like her child You are part of me And I belong to you as well So we become one Glowing hundred trillion cells
Did you rinse your self with hydrochloric acid just Now? Gonna make myself Astral just like caps in H-town Neutralize with apple cider vinegar mighty healthy can't see hatred like vampires taking selfies that sounds like a bird in a healing crystal coded cavern Running with the wind not gonna chase the paper origami dragon I sing like the Cherokee the voice will burn your covered wagon Dr evils drop their souls in liquid hot magma Fireflies inside my Fiberglass like pyroclastic navel Admired that the cryogenic Raps will cool the payload Im not tired yet Im wired towards empathy for all mankind In fact i extradite the sacramental angels Pour some water on the coals Burn the sage Share memories of every past life in a single phrase when you breathe in all the problems will dissolve We wont cant repair your hearts we can only change your thoughts We came to reclaim Atlantis from pagans that Made enchantments. They say that by taking advantage That we can be banished That aint making we panic We Have saint patience established Our wellbeing has just managed To slip through the cracks Of every fortification The good feeling you have its a glorious sensation You can fight to be free or you can you think to create it You never lost your power just thought that it was missing You can let um tell you stories or you can write your history Start the cleansing of your soul Turn the page, Share that energy with the world and watch it change When you breathe in all the problems will dissolve you can only restore your heart just listen to it talk. I need your loyalty before I let you touch it I want those qualities be someone with substance Sharp as captain crunch is up on the roof of your mouth, The greatest of all time that CAP you yapping about I be that that aint eye Im focused on action Like Shiva’s Quintuplets doing multiple tasking Not blackballed that you passing I get throwed off of brilliance, You tough mudders obstacle Eye train for Resilience, Eye became an astronomer Eye was into myself Yeah we made of stars, I’m the symbol of stealth Solar Wind on my belt The dead man on my talons Try to change my quadrant I’m up for the challenge, Cosmic forces, Creative magic Time is lovely Her navel ring is Saturns Any good tree has to grow two ways One is towards spacing out, the other towards inner space 12 types of crop and the leaves to heal the population don’t clap a lot of thunder but I storm manipulation Fly away Aquila Fly Away Fly away Aquila Fly Away Fly away Aquila Fly Away Fly If all the opposites attract there no more night and day Plenty fishes get the dickens your traditions competition Im the abolitionist for the slaves of contradiction, Many flicks of friction slick the trick militias, But this is not efficient for my fantasy flawless fiction, Im as famous as almost You the students of Cronos With Satanic diplomas Bram Bram on you Stokers Diana Britannia Take your hand off my lantern Before it casts a shadow On the span of my handgun, Weaponry Wing ship Prometheus is English, Cut the fuckers liver with The corner of my beak split Open the decoding of the lord of the rings wrist Now you can take your sickle cell I hope that your anemic.
Wanna Change 05:46
Said you wanna change Change gonna come Looking at your picture Just to see what you’ve become Surrounded by the planets And the helix nebulas Focus who you is not what you never was Now if you wanna change (x7) Look at them look within Talking with they action Walking with the passion Praying for the day The future is imagined Living in the meow Tiger lily in the cloud Reaching for heavens So we hold each others hands Look each other in the eyes How we travel distant lands A human universe just a single grain of sand You are still as important You the sun you in orbit You create the balance The dimension metamorphosis You said you wanna change Change gonna come Looking at your picture Just to see what you’ve become Surrounded by the planets And the helix nebulas Focus who you is not what you never was You said you wanna change Change gonna come Looking at your picture Just to see what you’ve become Surrounded by the planets And the helix nebulas Focus who you is not what you never was Now if you wanna change (x7) Look at them look within Used to me afraid To go and face the day Would hide from my feelings And cared what people say Every time I spoke I was always looking down I never even smiled because that was not my style Until I heard my spirit it spoke to me with lyrics It said don’t you be sorry for your self the simple syrup Is obsessing you with riches and humanoid possessions They even made a word for it they calling it depression But that is non-existent the only stress is that you’re living In a world that doesn’t understand they’re infinite, But it ain’t for you to tell um It’s up in their cerebellum And the only way to teach is from Your own health and wellness You said you wanna change Change gonna come Looking at your picture Just to see what you’ve become Surrounded by the planets And the helix nebulas Focus who you is not what you never was You said you wanna change Change gonna come Looking at your picture Just to see what you’ve become Surrounded by the planets And the helix nebulas Focus who you is not what you never was Now if you wanna change (x7) If the Stargate opens I'll stand there sure-footed with my boots laced
 Who’s gonna guard their omens
 With two paws putting them together with a screw face No rhyme nor reason
 Say you believing is like speaking with a crossbow
 Pull back statement then release it The darts from your jawbone
 Used to be shirtless with a loincloth Called me a savage but they analyzed All my practices try to get an understanding how I handle mine
 Sunrise dances and he sway his arms swinging Soaking up the start of it
 Chants have meaning every sign he singing has his heart in it. One starfather but the elders’ tell the tradition that
 Everything is a lesson so listen to the rhythm that
 Came from your mother
 Every woman is a queen every king is your brother
 Pull um Ima do myself a thing
 Caprican Ima cool um till it freeze
 If they want to preach go head
 Just don’t screw your lobotomy
 Remember we knew all this before your geometry If you feel the moon
 Then listen to it
 Guided mediation
 All you need is your lungs don’t breath the fluid
 Don’t expect you to understand me
 Try to live what you reading in the pamphlet

Like a Star 05:48
Glow like a star, Glow Glow Like A star Glow like a star, Blow Blow Like a star Don’t even matter what your planet your component say I’ll turn my light up I’m your protégé Glow like a star, Glow Glow Like a star Glow like a star, Blow Blow Like a star No need to hook up you the ball of flame We’ll burn the night up just with word of game, When I’m not a home You light the way for me down road, I’m looking for you though Flicker past and flash your glow You pull the E from me so eye can Go I know you ready for the falling I’m shooting missiles to you calling I know you feel my heart is solid We keep it lit until the morning I’ve been forced star Discoursed Torn scared It was worth more charge Turned forked pulled apart But in short matured large For the sport stored sparks Generate swords sharps Elevate promote stars Torch storage stock Petite burning scorch hot Euphoric sure shot We assort shortage not On the tour de force god We can pour the source shot Perform the chords shock To return to 3rd rock Just me and my radio stuck in the era of ladies loving Like why they call you nastero
 When you mild mannered and you're not repugnant
 I'm like I am that I am let them do the compare contrasting
 Plus you never heard me rap like right there that there that’s nasty 
Let's Get It cracking like a terodactyl egg
 UK the heir very practical race Keep my baby in the satchel in the Serengeti planes
 Next to my heart hear the beat a very friendly place
 If I argue with you it’s probably cuz I haven’t ate In the last 3 hours So that's a very special date
 So well reserved and I never enervate Oh what’s the name Taste Nate When Im all alone You make me feel like a heart of gold, I speak the hearticles They’ll grow on you like barnacles The studded star with his harnessed soul We know we ready for starlets They give it to us they not starfish We not tripping who’s the farthest They generous with us like Star guests Glow like a star, Glow Glow Like A star Glow like a star, Blow Blow Like a star Don’t even matter what your planet your component say I’ll turn my light up I’m your protégé Glow like a star, Glow Glow Like a star Glow like a star, Blow Blow Like a star No need to hook up you the ball of flame We’ll burn the night up just with word of game, They try to kill my game like Himalayan sea salt
 I don't pop champagne MamaJuana tree bark
 You a star I must visit in my Houston rocket ship
 Cosmic Tigress be careful with your leopard print Prevalent in temperament cooler than November winds
 You the summer breeze can't get over since forever when
 Need spice in my life thought cardamom was Marjoram 
Shakespeare America Fought Caliban with Taliban
 I can carry Jade in my talisman from Palestine
 Pick you up around 10 like an overground weather man
 Ima bring you violets magenta is my overhead
 Why talk about politics we ain’t searching for the ominous
 I let him choose up but Caprican is the obvious Astonaughty Lobbyist ascended out of parliament A pendant on my armor Says pretending isn’t artesian We are not alone Identify us in the CASAmos They think they found a ghost Get your NASA out a drone Support more stardust Than moon rock n roll I know you ready for the Sonic Boom that sound that we departed We never die we just remarket Open up the wisdom star kit Now you can Glow like a star, Glow Glow Like A star Glow like a star, Blow Blow Like a star Don’t even matter what your planet your component say I’ll turn my light up I’m your protégé Glow like a star, Glow Glow Like a star Glow like a star, Blow Blow Like a star No need to hook up you the ball of flame We’ll burn the night up just with word of game,
I will be there to lookout for you even when you Think that no body out there has your back, I won’t ask for nothing from you in return Because what kind of real man ever does that? I know that some things fall apart but if you start To think positive you’re on the right track, To scale the mountain of a broken heart is harder Without someone to help you on your path I’ll still be solid even if you’re at the bottom The Voyage is the best part of the half We’ve built this bridge of trust somehow it wouldn’t just put up with all the wanderers that walk and talk across it. Spilled the realest sludge that slips and willed to steal this love without your rock it’s hard to solve the problems Who thought that burning it would help you to refurbish it? But that’s the kind of karma that I’m marked with, Who ever heard of this that if you would return to it? The bridge could be stronger than when it started. My main concern is to not make my brain concern About the awfulness blocked up in my subconscious I searched to find them or the person, who’s behind it, Tried to catch them in the act of making passes on my lineup, You couldn’t time it you hold everything inside it Could never be the same but that’s the beauty of the diamond. It reflects the light so even when it’s night You can feel it from the sky you don’t need to see its might, All exposed naked Reiki to your aching soul I’ll still love you even though there is nothing for you to show,
What’s the occasion? Halted Operation Can’t stall the sensation I feel no frustration Planetary Patience Virtue of the saint Ship Waiting since the ancient Mesopotamian Inner me Condoling The Vanity controlling My Kundalini knowing I’m Seemingly bestowing The Hearticles of Poetry That started as a therapy I look at clairvoyantly As apart of my identity Crawl up in my trinity And count up to infinity It’s not no atrocity Sanctified geometry For the greatest pain tolerance Forgiveness is the hardest But I won’t waist my Collagen Waiting for the arrogant The safest route possibly Is the unplanned consciously? But I won’t take a loss again Waiting for a therapist I look listen to my heart It’s the only thing that’s long term Charm learn direction through the stellar storm I could place it in the star light Tell that everything is all right I feel closer to my spirit I’m with it for the long haul Heart soul no consequences are known Never see it as attachment Well balanced with enhancement I make a promise that ill never take advantage Of the fact what ever happens No matter what you have me after I allow it the love is true power It’s the influence that showers Over all that ever mattered


Produced by Lord Lorenz


released January 8, 2014


all rights reserved



Taste Nate San Francisco, California

Taste Nate is a San Francisco-based rapper known for his abstract lyrics and unconventional, soulful flow that explores Hip Hop with a mystic's vision. He has released 20 solo projects through his record label Yellow Cake Radio. In 2020 Nate Started his production and publishing company Khapri Star. ... more

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